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What type of pools do you build?

Oasis builds pools out of Gunite - a concrete material, it is shot into the pool after it is steeled and framed.

How long will it take to build my pool?

Oasis strives to get your project complete in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality,  All in all, depending on which options you choose (Screen, Water Features ETC) a normal pool and deck should take roughly 6-10 months (Permitting is accounted for 2 months)

What is pricing like for a normal pool?

Oasis Pools pricing starts roughly in the low $60,000s and varys depending on the options.

Spools  (Plunge / Cocktail Pools) start in the low to mid $50,000s.

Are your pools warrantied? 

Yes! Our pools come fully warrantied.

Equipment - Warrantied for 3 years 

Gem Coat - Warrantied for 10 years

Shell - Lifetime Warranty

Decks - Warrantied for 1 year

What brands do you use?

Oasis Pools is proud to use the following brands.

-Jandy Equipment

-Fluidra Products 

-CMP Pool Products

-Grand Effects Specialty Water Features

-Florida Stucco Gem 

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